Wii Series League 2021 Ruleset

§ 1 – General Rules

(1) This ruleset is binding for the Wii Series League 2021.

(2) The Wii Series League 2021 is a tournament consisting of 12 rounds with every round lasting for one calendar month and including three different Wii Series games per round.

(3) The winner is the runner with the best total score. Prizes are announced in the #league-news channel on Discord.

§ 2 – Game Selection

(1) The game selection for a future month is done within the last week of the previous month. The draw takes place under observation of at least one Wii Series moderator.

(2) Before the draw, the eleven Wii Series games (Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus are combined) get put into three groups. All games are sorted by “most active” on speedrun.com. Group one consists of the four most active Wii Series games, group two includes the games placed fifth to eight and group three has the remaining three games in it. If multiple games have the same amount of active players and need to go into different groups, the group for these games is randomly selected. Starting in the second month, the three games from the previous month get taken out of their groups.

(3) The pool for the first games selection only has group one in it. For the selection of game two, group two gets added into the pool. The three remaining games from group one stay inside the pool. For the third games draw, group three also goes into the pool. The not selected games from groups one and two say inside it.

(4) If the three selected games are all Wii U titles (Wii Party U, Wii Sports Club, Wii Fit U), the game with the least amount of active players gets replaced with a randomly selected Wii title.

(5) Every of the eleven games is guaranteed to appear at least once. If one game did not appear until the final month and does not get drawn, it replaces the third game of this final month. If two games did not appear until the final two months and none of them gets drawn in the second last month, one of them is randomly selected and replaces the third game. This scheme is to continue logically.

§ 3 – Category Selection

(1) After the games for the upcoming month are drawn, they get announced to all Wii Series moderators via Discord. The moderators of the selected games can then decide on the featured category. This can either be an already existing or a brand new category. When a moderator team decides on a category, they announce it to all other moderators alongside the 10 points barrier (§ 4) on Discord.

(2) While there are no binding restrictions for categories, they should follow these guidelines:

1. The lengh should be between 5 and 60 minutes.

2. The difficulty should not be too high. Every runner should have the chance to finish a run with a time below the 10 points barrier without huge hurdles.

3. Do not choose a category that only has minimalistic time differences between a fast and slow run. This means no (semi-)autoscrollers for example.

4. Make it fun and easy to understand.

§ 4 – The 10 Point Barrier

(1) While selecting a category for their game (§ 3), the game moderators also decide on a 10 point barrier for their category. This barrier is a set time that has to be matched or beaten by a runner in order to get more than ten points in this category (§ 8).

(2) The idea behind this barrier is, that single, very slow times do not affect everyone elses points heavily. This barrier should be beaten by every runner without much previous experience in that game within a manageable, not very big timeframe. It does not exist to provide a challenge for runners, it only is a safety mechanism.

§ 5 – Public Announcement

(1) The games are publicly announced alongside their cateories and 10 point barriers in the #league-news channel on Discord on the first day of a new month, midnight GMT.

(2) The categories get added to the main speedrun.com leaderboards of the selected games within 24 hours and feature the tag “[WSL]” to mark them as a Wii Series League category. They can be added as a regular or a Misc. category. The rules for each category can be found there.

§ 6 – Subsequent Changes

(1) The category for a game can not be changed after it has beed announced in #league-news on Discord.

(2) The category rules for a category can only be changed within the following conditions:

1. Within the first 24 hours after the categories announcement, all changes are allowed.

2. After these 24 hours but within the first week, small adjustments can be made. However, they can not make an already submitted run invalid.

3. After the first week, no changes other than rule clarifications can be made.

(3) The 10 point barrier for a category can only be changed within the following conditions:

1. Within the first 24 hours after the 10 point barriers announcement all changes are allowed.

2. After these 24 hours but within the first week, adjustments are allowed, but an already submitted run with a time that is faster than the existing 10 point barrier can not be made slower than the new 10 point barrier.

3. After the first week, no changes can be made as soon as two runners submitted runs. § 6 (3) No. 2 has to be followed for changes when exactly one runner submitted.

(4) All changes that fall under § 6 (2) No. 2 or § 6 (3) No. 2, 3 have to be announced in the #league-news channel on Discord.

§ 7 – Submitting A Run

(1) There are no restrictions on who can submit a run, no sign up to the Wii Series League is needed. To submit a run, submit it like you would do with any other run on speedrun.com.

(2) Only runs done within the month of the respective category can be submitted.

(3) All runs have to be submitted within the respective month, UTC-12. It does not matter if a run has been performed earlier, the time of submission counts.

(4) All runners are allowed to submit as many times to a category as they want to. Only the best time at the end of the month is counted for points (§ 8 (1)).

(5) Milliseconds are only used for tied World Records.

(6) All runners can submit to as many games as they want to. See § 8, 9 for more.

(7) By submitting a run you agree that your name, time and everything else associated with this run will be published on this website.

§ 8 – Point Calculation (for one category)

(1) Only the best submitted time of every runner is counted. All other runs are obsolete.

(2) The runner in first place recives 100 points.

(3) To get the amount of points for all other runners, the following steps are taken to get points on a graph where the x-axis represents the time of the run and y-axis represents the amount of points:

1. The fastest time becomes point F (time | 100).

2. Check if the slowest submitted time is faster or slower than the 10 point barrier.

a.  If it is slower, the runner recives one point. This slowest time becomes point S (time | 1). The 10 point barrier becomes point T (set 10 point barrier time | 10).

b. If it is faster, the runner recives ten points. This slowest time becomes point T (time | 10). The 10 point barrier is obsolete.

3. Draw a line from point F to point T.

a. If the second fastest time gets less than 80 points, every runner recives points according to the line from point F to point T and if necessary from point T to point S.

b. If the second fastest time would get more than 80 points, the runner placed second recives 80 points and the time becomes point S (time | 80). Every other runner recives points according to the line from point S to point T and if necessary from point T to point S.

(4) All points are rounded down to natural numbers.

(5) If only one player submits, § 8 (3) is obsolete. If only two players submit, § 8 (3) No. 3 is obsolete.

§ 9 – Point Calculation (for the total score)

(1) After all 12 months are over, the total score of a runner is the sum of the ten best scores from ten different months.

(2) If a runner submitted runs in less than ten months, but submitted runs to multiple games within the same month, the best so far not counted scores are used to give the runner ten scores. The scores that are included like this will be multiplied by 0.8 before they get added. § 8 (4) applies.

§ 10 – Changing rules

Rules can only be changed with a majority vote from the Wii Series moderators. This does not apply to rule clarifications or language corrections.