Active Bounties

The 2023 Sweep Game: Wii Play, Reward: 10-20 GBP per category (see below), Created by: SMMidi

Beat any of the remaining 9 miscellaneous main board categories that have world records set before 2023. The first person to beat the world record in a listed category will get the corresponding bounty. The same person can claim multiple bounties. The bounty ends on 31st Dec 2023. 10 GBP bounties: Find Mii 5, Find Mii 10, Find Mii 20, Find Mii 50, Tanks! Solo 10 20 GBP bounties: Tanks! Co-Op 5, Tanks! Co-Op 10, Tanks! Co-Op 20, All Achievements

The Ultimate Platinum Champion Games: Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Play: Motion, Wii Sports Club, Reward: 40-200 USD (see below), Created by: CedrikPle

Collect all 51 platinum medals in the Wii Series in one go. (15 in Wii Sports, 9 in Wii Play, 12 in Wii Play: Motion and 15 in Wii Sports Club) in under 12 hours. The rules for each games platinum medals category have to be followed. Timing starts according to the rules of the first game you play, timing ends according to the rules of the last game you play. Video proof is required, and the run has to be done live. Send the video anywhere on the community Discord server and ping Cedrik Ple#3098 to claim this bounty. Deadline is December 31st, 2023 (CET). The reward depends on your final time: 40 USD for 10:00:01-12h, 80 USD for 8:00:01-10h, 120 USD for 6:30:01-8h, 160 USD for 5:00:01-6.5h and 200 USD for 5h or less.

The sub 7 Game: Wii Sports, Reward: 25 GBP, Created by: Resonation

Be the first person with recorded evidence (incl. audio) for a run under 7 minutes in the category “All Sports” in OGWS. Ping @Resonation#3210 on the communiry discord server to claim this bounty.

A perfect one-cycle Game: Wii Sports Club, Reward: 75 USD, Created by: Jonasty

Find a consistent strategy to knock out Matt in Boxing in one cycle. Ping @Jonasty#1128 on the communiry discord server to claim this bounty.


What is a Bounty?

In this context, a bounty is a reward given for achieving a set goal, typically a specified amount of money. What it is specifically can be read in each bounty.

How do I claim a Bounty?

In general, you have to be the first person to achieve something. What this is, what proof is needed and how and where to claim the bounty as well as a deadline is specified for each bounty individually. Therefore, please read the description for each bounty.

Can I create my own Bounties?

Yes, sure. Please contact me via Discord for further information (Tag: Cedrik Ple#3098). Please keep in mind that by submitting a bounty to me you agree that your name and information shared with me will be published on this website.

Claimed Bounties

What the duck?! Game: Wii Sports Club, Reward: 50 USD, Created by: CedrikPle

Hit the duck on Lakeside Hole 3 in Wii Sports Club, no restrictions (TAS etc. is allowed, game has to be vanilla). Video proof is required. Send the video it in the #wii-sports-club chat on the community Discord server and ping Cedrik Ple#3098 to claim this bounty. Deadline is December 31st, 2022 (CET).

<— The duck can be found here.

(Click the image to make it bigger.)



Claimed by Skitten. (video)

New game, new barrier Game: Wii Play, Reward: 30 USD, Created by: CedrikPle

Get a time better than 12m 00s 000ms in the All Games (NG) category in Wii Play (click here). Ping Cedrik Ple#3098 to claim this bounty. Deadline is May 31st, 2022 (CET).

Claimed by cyndifusic. (video)